Inspired by the natural world - from deep ocean to hedgerow, via sandy beach and summer meadow - Wild & Fine is a jewellery brand with stories to tell. The first story belongs to Jess, silversmith, jeweller and creator of the Wild & Fine world. Working from her studio in the Warwickshire countryside, she combines traditional techniques with newer ones to hand-make each charm in the range. She delights in travel and unexpected adventures and the Wild and Fine collection is - and will continue to be – inspired by her experiences.

The next stories belong to the pieces themselves. Each one has its own unique tale to tell, from the tightly curled Pembrokeshire ammonite to the delicate mussel shell that was foraged from a Scottish beach. Exploring the collection should feel like leafing through a jeweller’s travel journal or discovering remarkable treasures in a hidden museum in a narrow city side street.

From here the stories belong to you. Whether you pick a tiny shell to commemorate a seaside engagement or a miniature lotus seedpod to remind you of a life-changing trip to Asia, you can build your own individual narrative with Wild and Fine’s unique, handcrafted designs.

We love a good story. Tell us the tales behind your choice of design(s) and, with your permission, we will publish our favourites on our social media channels and give you a thank you discount code to use on your next purchase. We hope you enjoy exploring the collection. If you have any questions, do contact us and we will do all we can to help.

As a keen diver, Jess has seen first-hand the impact that plastic is having in our oceans, so she has worked hard to ensure that Wild & Fine is a plastic-free brand. She is also careful to use recycled materials wherever possible and to source only ethical gemstones. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Meet the Team

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Jessica H

An affinity with the ocean and the desire for a creative outlet led Jessica, the owner/maker at Wild & Fine, to develop her range of jewellery inspired by the natural world.

When not busy in the studio, Jessica can be found scuba diving in exotic locations or exploring the trails of rural Oxfordshire with her local running club

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A multicultural upbringing and a love of exploring the natural world have given Hayley a thirst for travel and an exceptional eye for observing and recording the beauty around her. She manages the Wild & Fine social media accounts and takes all the lifestyle photographs, not only of Wild & Fine products, but also of our many adventures.

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Reading, writing and crafting were Hannah’s favourite childhood pastimes and, having spent many years as an adult exploring different paths, she is now forging a career from her writing. When not chewing the end of an old biro and wondering what to say next, she can usually be found walking her dogs or taking part in running races in exciting international locations.

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Jessica G

A true Mediterranean soul with a passion for singing and dancing, Jessica is the face of Wild & Fine jewellery. Modelling without pretension, she effortlessly conveys the Wild & Fine ethos; that jewellery should not just look good, it should be so wearable that it accompanies you on all your adventures and becomes part of your unique story.